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Our Impact on Gaston and Lincoln County

Iced Java Robotics has strived for extensive engagement and impact in Gaston and Lincoln counties over the past seven years. Our commitment to promoting the principles of FIRST and fostering STEM interest in the community is strong. 

Community Outreach Events: Participating in events such as the NASCAR STEAM Expo, Catawba River STEM Festival, North Carolina Science Fair, and SpyScape Drone Expo demonstrates our team's commitment to engaging with the community and spreading awareness about STEM.

Collaboration with Local Colleges: Volunteering at STEM-related functions with local colleges like UNC Charlotte creates a strong connection with higher education institutions, providing valuable experiences for team members and fostering a pathway for future STEM education.

Girl Scout Troop Collaboration: Partnering with the Girl Scout Troop for STEM-related activities and organizing coding classes not only promotes inclusivity but also encourages young girls to pursue STEM interests, addressing the gender gap in these fields.

Varsity Recognition: Being officially recognized as a varsity team by our school amplifies our influence within the school community, providing a platform to further disseminate the FIRST message and inspire other students.

Mentoring FIRST Lego League Teams: Actively mentoring and coaching FIRST Lego League teams on our campus, as well as hosting robotics camps, demonstrates our commitment to nurturing the next generation of STEM enthusiasts.

Expansion to Other Schools: The successful organization of a First Lego League summer camp at Lincoln Charter School and the subsequent formation of two FLL teams showcase the positive ripple effect of our team's efforts, reaching beyond our immediate community.

THOR West/Doyenne Host: Hosting THOR West and Doyenne off-season tournaments annually with the support of our school sponsor provides a platform to showcase STEM achievements and innovations within our local community. 

Community Mini Camp Events: Holding mini STEM camps in the community for at-risk children at Turning Point, a battered women/children shelter, demonstrates our desire to share the love of STEM in underserved communities.

Overall, our team's multifaceted approach to STEM outreach, education, and collaboration has made a significant impact on the community. It's clear that Iced Java is not just a robotics team but a catalyst for positive change and inspiration in the field of STEM.

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